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Books. Books 1 to 11, Price 4d. each.
Book 12, Price 6d.

Chambers's Progressive Post Chambers's Copy-lines, in Twelve
Copy-Books. Post 4to. Price 6d. each.
Ten Copy-Books, Foolscap Quarto
Size. Price 2d. each.
Graduated Copy-Books. An entirely
New Series, in 10 Books. Price 3d. each.

Graduated Writing
School Walls. Nos. 1 to 15.

Drawing and Perspective.

First Drawing-Book.
SUBJECTS. 96 Pages, Price 18.
Second Drawing-Book.
96 Pages, Price 18.

Sheets for
Price 2d, each.

Drawing Lesson Books.

A Series of Progressive Lessons in Draw-
ing and Perspective, with some General
Instructions. In 18 Books, paper covers,
Price 1s. 6d. each.

Drawing-Books, edited by Robert Scott Burn. Including Mechanical, Architectural, Isometrical, and other Styles; well suited for those who study Mechanics. Detailed Lists on application.

Geography, Maps, and Atlases.

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Chambers's Primer Atlas.

Nine Quarto Maps. Price 2s. 6d.; or with
an additional Map of India, Price 3s., cloth.
Chambers's Minor Atlas.
Fifteen Maps. Price 5s., cloth.
Chambers's School Atlas
Ancient and Modern Geography. Thirty-
four Maps. Price 10s. 6d., cloth.

Large School-room


Maps' of
England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe, Palestine,
Asia, Africa, and North and South America.
Price 12s. each, unvarnished, or 14s. varnished.
The Hemispheres, including Astronomical Dia-
grams. Price 188. unvarnished, 20s. varnished.
The entire Series may also be obtained in a
Wooden Case, at £8, 6s.
Chambers's Outlines of the
Principal Countries and Islands in the
World. Price 1s. 6d. in a wrapper. Or separ-
ately, folio size, 2d.; 4to sise, 1d. each.

History and Biography.

294 Pages, 21 Wood-cuts, Price 2s. 6d.

Medieval History.

362 Pages, 7 Wood-cuts, Price 38.

Modern History.

564 Pages, 2 Wood-cuts, Price 3s. 6d.

History of Rome.

372 Pages, 1 Map, Price 2s. 6d.

History of Greece.

364 Pages, 1 Map, 30 Wood-cuts, Price 2s. 6d.

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Printed by W. and R. Chambers.

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