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42. Gifts necessary to a Story-teller

STEELE 43. Opinions on the Characters of Lucia and

Marcia in Cato
44. Conduct of certain old Fellows in Gray's

Inn Gardens
45. Miseries of Seduction-Cyrus and Panthea
46. History of Madam Maintenon
47. The same continued.

49. Essay on Pleasures, natural and fantastical
Pleasures of Imagination.

50. Visit to the Country-offensive Barber-
romantic Pleasures

STEELE 51. On sacred Poetry-David's Lamentation

over Jonathan
52. Colbert's Conversation with the French

King on the Power of the Dutch ....
53. Strictures on the Examiner's Liberties with

the Character of ......

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5. Love Verses-easy Writing

...L... STEELE
6. On Poetry-Songs-Song Writing
17. On illicit Love-Story of a French

18. Thoughts on the Prospect of Death-

Psalm by Sir Philip Sidney .
19. On the Influence of Vice-Insensibility

to virtuous Sentiment-Henry IV. of

France, his Prayer before Battle . . 20. On Duelling . 21. Excellency and Superiority of the Scrip

tures 22. On a Country Life—Pastoral Poetry 03. On the same . 24. Jack Lizard's return from the University

ou Pedantry-Conversation 45. On Lord Verulanı's History of Henry VII...

BUDGELL 16. All Women are Ladies-Letter recom

mending a Wife to Sir Harry Li

zard. 7. Grounds to expect a future State proved

BERKELEY 8. On Pastoral Poetry

STEELE 9. Essay on Laughter-several, Kinds of

Laughters 2, On Pastoral Poetry 1. Various Schemes of Happiness .

.. BUDGELL The Subject of Pastoral Poetry treated in

an Allegory 4. On the Merits of the Tragedy of Cato

Prologue and Epilogue Conversation on fine gentlemen · The Pineal Gland discovered— Voyage

through several
. Letter on Punning :
· On the Tragedy of Othello-Story of Don

On pretty Gentlemen-Letter from a Gen-

tleman-like Man, .
Observations on the Pineal Gland of a

On the Pastorals of Pope and Philips .
· Censure of à Passage in the Examiner . . . STEELE


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THE seventh volume of the SPECTATOR,
originally intended to be the last, was concluded
Dec. 6, 1712, and the first paper of the GUAR-
DIAN made its appearance March 12, 1713.
This work had been actually projected by STEELE
before the conclusion of the SPECTATOR. In a
letter to Pope, dated Nov. 12, 1712,
nounces his intention in these words, “ I desire
you would let me know whether you are at leisure
or not? I have a design which I shall open a
month or two hence, with the assistance of the
few like yourself. If your thoughts are unen-
gaged, I shall explain myself farther.” To this,
which indicates that Pope had previously assisted
STEELE, though of that assistance we have no
direct proof, he answers that - he shall be very
ready and glad to contribute to any design that
tends to the advantage of mankind, which, he

“ I am sure, all yours do.”*
* STEELE's Letters to his friends, vol. 2. p. 338, 339.


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