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Knihy Knihy
" The maidens all flocked to his boat so readily, And he eyed the young rogues with so charming an air, That this waterman ne'er was in want of a fare. What sights of fine folks he oft... "
Garrick, D. Catherine and Petruchio. Burgoyne, General. Richard Cœur de ... - Strana 15
podµa John Cawthorn (publisher.) - 1806
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Old Ballads

1906 - Počet stránok 148
...you ne'er hear of a jolly young waterman, Who at Blackfriars Bridge used for to ply? And he feathered his oars with such skill and dexterity, Winning each heart and delighting each eye. He look'd so neat, and he row'd so steadily, The maidens all flock'd in his boat so readily ; And he eyed...
Úplné zobrazenie - O tejto knihe

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