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" of dog, Or vermin, or, at beft, of cock purloined From his accuftomed perch. Hard-faring race ! 'They pick their fuel out of every hedge, Which kindled with, dry leaves, juft faves "
Travels in Hungary: With a Short Account of Vienna in the Year 1793 - Strana 257
podµa Robert Townson - 1797 - Počet stránok 506
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The complete poetical works of William Cowper, with life and critical notice ...

William Cowper - 1855
...Receives the morsel—flesh obscene of dog, Or vermin, or at best of cook From his aceustom'd perch. m They pick their fuel out of every hedge, Which, kindled with dry leaves, just saves unquench'd The spark of life. The sportive wind blows wide Their fluttering rags, and shows...
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