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" The praise of Bacchus then the sweet musician sung, Of Bacchus ever fair and ever young: The jolly god in triumph comes; Sound the trumpets, beat the drums... "
A New and Literal Translation of Juvenal and Persius: With Explanatory Notes ... - Strana 148
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The Arts in Mind: Pioneering Texts of a Coterie of British Men of Letters

Ruth Katz, Ruth HaCohen - 2003 - Počet stránok 431
...this Talent more universally, and hecause these Instances must also he most universally understood. m. With ravish'd Ears, The Monarch hears, Assumes the...God, Affects to nod. And seems to shake the Spheres. In which air i am sorry to ohserve, that the Affectation of imitating this Nod, has reduced the Music...
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The Major Works

John Dryden - 2003 - Počet stránok 967
...sound, 'A present deity' they shout around; 'A present deity' the vaulted roofs rebound. With ravished ears. The monarch hears; Assumes the god, Affects to nod, And seems to shake the spheres. CHORUS With ravithed ears. The monarch hears; Atsumes the god. Affects to nod, And seems to shake the...
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