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" and left some part Not proof enough such object to sustain; Or from my side subducting, took perhaps More than enough; at least on her bestow'd Too much of ornament, in outward show - Elaborate, of inward less exact. When I approach Her loveliness, so... "
The British Essayists: Spectator - Strana 137
úprava: - 1823
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Reading Genesis in the Long Eighteenth Century: From Milton to Mary Shelley

Ana M. Acosta - 2006 - Počet stránok 207
...versions that she pointedly ignores the moments where Adam explicitly echoes J, referring to Eve as having "Too much of Ornament, in outward show / Elaborate, of inward less exact. / ... / ... and less expressing / The character of that Dominion giv'n / O'er other Creatures ..."...
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