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" Where glowing embers through the room Teach light to counterfeit a gloom, Far from all resort of mirth, Save the cricket on the hearth, Or the bellman's drowsy charm, To bless the doors from nightly harm. Or let my lamp, at midnight hour, Be seen in some... "
Milton's Poetical Works: With Life, Critical Dissertation, and Explanatory Notes - Strana 175
podµa John Milton, George Gilfillan - 1853
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The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats Volume XIII: A Vision: The Original 1925 ...

William Butler Yeats, Catherine E. Paul, Margaret Mills Harper - 2008 - Počet stránok 384
...passage refers to lines 85-92: Or let my Lamp at midnight hour, Be seen in some high lonely T'wer, Where I may oft outwatch the Bear, With thrice great...Plato to unfold What Worlds, or what vast Regions hold The immortal mind that hath forsook Her mansion in this fleshly nook. . . . (Milton, 74) 5. The "visionary...
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