Studies in Ch'an and Hua-yen

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Robert M. Gimello, Peter N. Gregory
University of Hawaii Press, 1983 - 389 strán (strany)
¿Contains well-researched and specialized studies in the history of these two important East Asian Buddhist traditions.... It presents some of the best work of younger scholars who are making available to the English-speaking world the fruits of Japanese scholarship and building upon them.¿ ¿Religious Studies Review

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Early Chan Schools in Tibet 1
The Direct and the Gradual Approaches
The Oxhead School of Chinese Chan
Tunghsiian and the Practical
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Strana 316 - joyful lives he who is evenminded and mindful." It is thus that he dwells in the attainment of the third jhana. The fourth stage: From the forsaking of joy, from the forsaking of pain, from the going to rest of his former gladness and sadness, he dwells in the attainment of the fourth jhana, which is neither painful nor pleasurable, — in utter purity of evenmindedness and mindfulness. The fifth stage: By passing quite beyond all perceptions of form, by the going to rest of the perceptions of impact,...
Strana 90 - ... accordingly, living beings turn about in the wheel of birth and death, and cannot escape. This is why the sutras insist that all concepts of discrimination are false without exception. If one sees signs as no signs, one sees the TathjTgata.

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